Atlas Copco expands its range of tower lights

Atlas Copco have extended their range of HiLight towers to seven models, including four LED solutions, suitable for the industrial sector.

The range includes the H5+, B5+, V5+, and E3+ LED light towers, as well as the H4, V4, and E2 metal halide varieties.

They feature a fully directional optic lens which enhances efficiency by minimising ‘dark spots’ and maximising practical light coverage. Depending on the model, a single LED light tower can illuminate an area up to 5000m2 at a brightness of 20 lux. They also have a run time of 260 hours before refuelling, and use less than 0.5 litres of fuel per hour.

The towers also feature power packs that optimise the power output and improve efficiency by protecting against under-loading of the engine. Their heavy duty floodlights benefit from high ingress protection (IP) and impact protection (IK) ratings.

Product marketing manager for Light Solutions at Atlas Copco Portable Energy, Sergio Salvador, said the additions to the HiLight range make sites brighter, safer, and more productive.

The latest edition to the range is the HiLight H5+ which has four LED lamps that each project 350W of light. Their compact size enables ten units to be moved on standard 13m trucks

The B5+ has a vertical hydraulic mast which enhances the safety of workers by illuminating a large area.

The LED lamps in the V5+ are designed for portability and performance, with the lights suitable for tough mining conditions and general construction work.

The V4 can illuminate an area of 4000m2 and users can load 20 units of them per truck. They also feature a spillage free frame and the HardHat polyethylene canopy, protecting against corrosion and enabling durability in harsh conditions. The H4 counterpart has a heavy duty galvanised steel canopy, a hydraulic mast, and can cover an area of 4000m2.

The E2 and E3+ – illuminating an area of 2000m2 and 3000m2 respectively – are electric models, and users can connect them to any power source including electrical generators, auxiliary power or directly into the grid.

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