Atlas Copco encloses its loader cabins

Atlas Copco has released its underground low profile loaders with fully enclosed cabins.

The machine – Scooptram ST7LP low profile loader – was previously only supplied with a canopy, but has now been upgraded.

This latest development is an increase in safety for operators, providing full ROPS and FOPS protection.

According to Atlas Copco it is the only supplier to provide a cabin in the seven tonne low profile sector.

The Scooptram ST7LP itself is a low profile 6.8 tonne capacity loader for narrow vein mining. 

It is 1.4 metres high and 8.5 metres long and designed for back heights as low as 1.6 metres. 

It has a short power frame and a long wheel base which makes it easy to maneuver.

This is the latest addition to a series of upgrades on its Scooptram series.

Earlier this year Atlas Copco announced a new side dump bucket as an option for its loaders.

According to Atlas Copco, the side dump bucket option allows the loader to be used in a wider range of applications from tunnel projects to rail and road tunnels, as well as rapid tunnel development in mining.

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