Atlas Copco demonstrates its MT65 extra capacity by destroying a ‘band’.

In order to demonstrate the extra five tonnes of payload capacity in the MT65 underground truck, Atlas Copco crushes a ‘band’.

In the mining machinery manufacturer’s latest video, following on from utilising the skills of the Hydraulic Press Guy to test the robustness of its autonomous drills, Atlas Copco employs DJ Christoffer Berg (better known for his involvement with The Knife) to demonstrate what can be done with an extra five tonnes in ‘The Crushing Crescendo’.

Berg created a robotic orchestra, and then uses the MT65 to drop a five tonne rock on it.

“A minetruck with 65 tonnes capacity has never before taken a five tonne rock and dropped it off a cliff onto an auto played orchestra,” Hanna Knutsson, Atlas Copco’s global communication and brand manager, rightly said.

Atlas gave Australian miners a sneak peak at the new truck, ahead of its official MINExpo release, earlier this year, following field trials at St Barbara’s Gwalia mine.

We’re left wondering what they’ll do next to demonstrate their other new vehicles?

Watch the video below.


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