ASCO wins BP supply contract

The new BP exploration venture in the Great Australian Bight will be supplied by oil and gas services company ASCO Group.

The new contract for managing BPs supply base will commence in 2016, serving an exploration program with four wells about 300 kilometres offshore from Ceduna in South Australia.

The supply base will employ 25 full-time staff and run 24/7 at Flinders Port in Port Adelaide, as part of a partnership with Flinders Port Logistics.

ASCO Australasia CEO Matt Thomas said the company was proud to have been awarded this significant contract, and would bring its international experience to support BPs operations in the Bight.

“ASCO’s selection to manage the base and all associated logistics is further recognition of our global capability and reinforces our strategic direction in Australasia,” Thomas said.

“We are now seen as a valuable and viable alternative to current service providers in the oil and gas, transport and logistics arena.”

“We recognise the importance of BP’s activities to the South Australian economy and will support local employment and skills development across our operations.

“We are already in discussion with some of our partners who are looking at establishing South Australian operations to support our activities.”

The Flinders Port Supply Base will provide stevedoring services

ASCO also operates at the Darwin Marine Supply Base and transports construction waste for Toxfree at the Barrow Island project.

Image: Reuters

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