Argosy moves Rincon into production

A picture from Rincon's Stage 1 industrial scale pilot plant. Image: Argosy

Australian-based Argosy Minerals has launched lithium carbonate production at the Rincon lithium project in the Salta province of Argentina.

The project site is in South America’s famous ‘lithium triangle’, a highly active region for lithium brine operations that crosses the borders of Argentina, Bolivia and Chile.

Argosy commenced site works at Rincon in November 2016 and produced its first lithium batch in June 2018.

The first one-kilogram sample produced from the site’s stage one industrial scale pilot plant used a proprietary production process capable of producing lithium carbonate at 99.5 per cent purity.

Argosy is working towards a scale-up target of 2000 tonnes of battery-grade lithium carbonate production a year at the site.

Managing director Jerko Zuvela said becoming a small-scale lithium carbonate production company in South America was a significant achievement for the company. 

“I can’t understate the enormous contributions and expertise of all our staff to reach this milestone in such a short timeframe,” Zuvela said.

“We are at a distinct advantage to our peers — having successfully proven our chemical processing capability in producing 99.5 per cent lithium carbonate product and secured a reputable international customer to purchase our product.”

Argosy owns 77.5 per cent of Rincon project through a joint venture with operator Puna Mining.

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