Are You Sure Your Manufacturing Machinery is Compliant?

The crux of businesses operating within the mining, manufacturing and process industries rely heavily on the functionality, reliability and safety of the equipment and machinery in use. Therefore when new safety regulations for manufacturing machinery come into force, companies are expected to ensure that their equipment is complaint.

According to Safe Work Australia’s 2013 Key Work Health and Safety Statistics, the manufacturing and mining industries were among the top 8 of those with the highest work-related injury incidence rates.

At a time when Australian industry is under increasing cost pressures, no business can afford to risk putting their workers at risk of injury or face fines of up to $3 million for machine safety non-compliance.

Therefore in order to ensure manufacturing machinery in Australia is aligned with the latest international standards as well as to strengthen workplace safety, Standards Australia released a number of revised parts of the Australian Standard AS 4024.1 Series – Safety of Machinery – in 2014.

As a result, the industry has a serious need for technology and safety systems that adhere to not only increasingly stringent safety standards, but satisfy the demands of minimising costs, improving productivity and operational efficiencies.

SEW-EURODRIVE’s emerging technologies driving safety & productivity

The humble drive provides critical machine functionality, yet poorly engineered drive systems can lead to debilitating issues such as process inefficiencies, lost production, downtime, maintenance costs, worker injuries and ensuing compensation payments.

To eradicate these issues, businesses must embrace the power of emerging technologies to ensure future growth, turnover, profits and safety in the long-term – starting with safety drive technology and solutions.

Avoiding industrial accidents while maintaining trouble-free and economical system operation can be achieved flexibly and individually using integrated and modular safety technology from SEW-EURODRIVE. 

The availability of safety rated components together with the vast array of SEW-EURODRIVE’s product range can help companies stay ahead of the safety, efficiency and productivity game.

As well as complying with the latest safety regulations, benefits can be seen in the areas of;

  • Reduced Engineering time due to availability of dedicated on-line Safety Configuration Library designed  to perform  drive selection in conjunction with  integrated safety functions
  • Reduced installation and component costs  by eliminating some traditional components used to provide safety functions in the past
  • Increased production throughput due to reduction of wasted time during system re-starts.
  • Reduced stoppage downtime by utilising functionality such as ‘safe speed’
  • Reduced risks associated with the operation and maintenance of electrical equipment for employees
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Improved machine operating efficiencies

For OEMs and end users who require both safe and efficient products, the benefits of a complete drive package solution with incorporated functional safety can be realised when sourced from a single drive solutions provider.  

In addition to the usual drive products, SEW-EURODRIVE can supply components dedicated to achieving various levels of safety. Locally stocked and assembled safety components provide customers with greater ease to plan and realise complete drive solutions that are compliant with local safety standards. 

For more information on SEW-EURODRIVE’s complete range of safety drive technology and solutions, click here.

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