Are asylum seeker camps better than mining accommodation? Julie Bishop says yes

Minister for foreign affairs Julie Bishop has described conditions at the Nauru detention centre are better than some mining camps.

It came after Bishop's three day tour of the Pacific, according to the ABC.

She said the living standards are high, and that "they were certainly better than mining camps in Australia".

''I also went to recreational facilities; I saw opportunities for them. So I think that there are plenty of things for them to do there

''It may be different from their home country, but most certainly the Australian government is spending a significant amount of money on services, including recreational facilities," she told the ABC.

However she was quickly slammed by Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young, who claimed Bishop only saw the staff accommodation, and not the asylum seekers quarters.

"We bumped into Julie Bishop on the island … the truth is, she only went to the admin block and where all the staff stay. She didn't actually visit the detention camps themselves.

"What she saw was the shipping containers that are purpose-built to be accommodation blocks for staff. They're not what refugees are sleeping in," Hanson-Young said according to the Sydney Morning Herald.


Do you think the accommodation standards found at asylum seeker camps are better than Australian mining camps? Let us know.



[Image: APP/ Eoin Blackwell]

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