Antimony miner fined

 Anchor Resources has been fined for unsatisfactory rehabilitation of its antimony exploration drill sites.

The Department of Trade and Investment Resources and Energy has notified the miner that "some aspects the rehabilitation of drill sites used by the company in its 2009 and 2010 drilling programs had not been satisfactorily carried out".

The drilling was carried out at its Bielsdown antimony project, just north of Dorrigo, in New South Wales.

The miner was served a penalty infringement notice and fined $2500.

It voiced its disappointment at the fine, and also the standard of remediation work carried out by its previous management.

Anchor stated that it "has engaged environmental consultants, Coffey Geotechnics, to prepare a site specific rehabilitation plan to be approved in consultation with the landowner and the Department. Coffey will also be engaged to supervise the work".

This is not the first time the miner has come under fire.

It has previously announced its intention to mine within the headwaters of the Nymboida River, near Coffs Harbour.

Residents in the region were pressing the local council to deny the miner project approval amid fears it may pose a risk to the region’s water supply.

"I’m seeking a resolution of council to state our strident opposition to this proposal," local Greens councillor, Mark Graham said at the time.

"To notify our community of the risks of mining in our catchment area, and to make our opposition known to all relevant authorities."

Graham says the catchment provides drinking water to residents between Yamba and Sawtell and contamination of the water would be disastrous.

"Once the catchment is contaminated there’s no way we can fix it," he said.

"The best thing we can do by our community and for our future, and for our health, is to prohibit mining in this very sensitive area.


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