Another worker injured in IT work basket crush incident

A worker has been seriously injured after being crushed in an integrated tool carrier work basket incident underground.

The incident occurred in March, when two servicemen were working in an IT carrier, removing pipe services from the sidewall and backs of an extra-high excavation.

“At the time of the incident, the work basket had been raised close to the backs but extra lift was needed and the basket was tilted upwards,” a DMP report stated.

“A worker who was leaning over the front of the basket received serious head injuries when he was crushed between the top rail of the basket and the backs.”

It is understood the injured worker was new to the task and undergoing training at the time of the incident, and tilting of the workbasket was not included in the training documentation.

The DMP added that the operator directing the work basket was not aware of the position of the offsider when the direction was given to tilt the basket.

This is the latest in a series of incidents involving workers crushed whilst in EWP baskets.

Two miners have died in separate, similar incidents.

In May 2015 Josh Martin was fatally injured when the charge-up basket or elevated work
platform moved upwards, crushing him against the roof of a cross cut.

The DMP report said it appeared Martin was leaning over the front of the basket “when he accidentally activated the control stick for raising and lowering the basket”.

In May 2014, Mark Galton died when he was involved in a fatal accident in which his head and neck were crushed between the hand rail of the EWP and an overhanging steel beam.





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