Angry coal seam gas protestors crash Gillard meeting

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has evaded coal seam gas protests as she continues her carbon tax roadshow in Queensland.

The protestors gathered around the Ipswich Civic Centre in Brisbane, demanding a moratorium on CSG projects until the impacts of the industry are better understood, NineMSN reports.

Protestors picketed the site with placards stating “Can’t eat coal, can’t drink gas”, however Gillard managed to dodge them by entering the centre via a back door.

One protestor, Michele Venavles, said she wants Gillard to make CSG concerns a priority issue.
“We are hoping for the moratorium until there’s greater understanding of the irreparable damage it’ll do to our land and water," she told AAP.

Gillard is visiting Ipswich to raise the popularity of her carbon tax.

She visited Hunter Valley coal mines earlier in the week to reassure miners that their jobs were not at risk under the new tax.

She told workers at Centennial Coal’s Mandalong Mine they could be sure they would have a job for decades to come in the coal mining industry, and even said their sons could confidently follow in their footsteps.

Image: CourierMail

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