Anglo American to sit down with church-goers and explain importance of coal

Anglo American CEO Mark Cutifani plans to sit down with faith-based groups in a bid to curb anti-fossil fuel sentiment.

With the divestment movement growing in momentum, Cutifani said the coal industry needed to speak out against the "short-sighted" and “very vocal" activists, SMH reported.

"I think we have a big job to do," he said.

"I don't think we are doing enough and we have got to reach out more effectively.”

Cutifani said Anglo was attempting to connect with groups in the US in a bid to explain the facts around the coal industry.

"Anglo American, and other partners in the industry, we're starting a series of dialogues with local communities, in particular the broad faith-based groups, because they've got such an extensive reach across the globe. We are trying to sit with them to explain the industry fundamentals … and the unintended consequences on the world and the poor, and the globe itself, on taking such short-sighted, uninformed views on these things."

The anti-fossil fuel movement is geared towards de-stabilising the coal industry and asks people to move their money out of “dirty” banks and super funds to “clean” institutions that do not invest in carbon intense industries.

Last month a new fossil-fuel-free fund called Future Super launched in Australia with $3.6 million in savings and 100 members.

SMH reports the savings now total more than $15 million.

Cutifani said it was important for players in the coal industry to ensure "we don't let these people back the world into a corner".


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