Anglo American partners with Pitta Pitta people for QLD exploration

Anglo American will team up with Traditional Owners for mining exploration in North West Queensland thanks to a new agreement with the Pitta Pitta Aboriginal Corporation.

The agreement recognises the cultural expertise of the Pitta Pitta people with regards to their country and formalises a Cultural Heritage Duty of Care.

Anglo American has been conducting geophysical surveys in the state’s Boulia region in order to assess future plans for exploration by the end of 2019.

The mining major has secured a permit to explore a 7300-square-kilometre area in the region, and has also made additional applications regarding a 3500-square-kilometre area to the south of Osborne.

Pitta Pitta people will conduct cultural heritage awareness training with Anglo American’s discovery team, working in tandem to conduct surveys of the tenement area and protect cultural heritage finds.

“Our team was able to see some of the indigenous artefacts and tools close up, with hands-on demonstrations from Pitta Pitta elders on how these tools were used,” Anglo American Australia chief executive officer Tyler Mitchelson said.

“Everyone was left with a deeper respect for the significance of the land and closer ties with the Pitta Pitta.”

Pitta Pitta Aboriginal Corporation director Tanya Rice said the group’s ability to share its cultural knowledge with Anglo American had been a “joyful and reciprocative experience”.

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