Anglo American addresses Banana Shire community over Moura road blast damage

Anglo American has responded to community concerns regarding the closure of Gibihi Road in Queensland, which was damaged by a scheduled blast at the nearby Dawson mine on November 9, 2017.

David Diamond, chief executive officer of Anglo American met coal, apologised to the Banana shire community for the closure at a town meeting on February 21.

“What we’ve learnt out of this is we will absolutely make sure we are front and centre in the community and people can see what is going on, put their questions to us, take part in what the design for the future needs to be as well as tell us where the hardships are,” he said, according to an ABC report.

In a statement released earlier this month, the company commented on the blast, expressing empathy for the inconvenience caused to locals.

“Gibihi Road will remain closed until all options are finalised and appropriate work undertaken to ensure safe access is complete,” said the statement, which was released February 1.

“This requires detailed engineering work and analysis and, until this has been completed, timeframes cannot be confirmed. We recognise this may cause some frustration and we are committed to completing this as soon as possible.”

At the town meeting, Diamond estimated a solution may be found in the next three weeks.

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