And the winner is…

With a raft of entries to choose from, Australian Mining can now announce the winner of our CAT truck competition.

We asked you to tell us what the perfect gift for a miner would be this Christmas, and there was a resounding consensus that having time off over the holidays was top of the list. Next in line was the wish for safer workplaces, and no deaths in the coming year.

We had hoped that someone would be able to name an exciting new product that could be purchased, wrapped in paper and placed under a tree. We even specifically asked you to tell us: “What you would like to get for Christmas that could help you at home or at work, or what you would like to buy for a special mining industry worker you know.”

But most of you completely ignored us! In fact, only 19 people were able to name a physical object one could actually give to a mining worker.

Of course, we realise that material gifts are not the most important thing for workers who earn plenty of cash but are short on quality time, but we made some rules, and we’re going to stick to them.

After a flurry of early entries in the competition calling for everything from safer workplaces, no deaths in the workplace next year, people who just wanted a job to go to after Christmas, time off over Christmas to spend with the family, or even a simple expression of thanks from their employer, it became very obvious what is important to miners.

However, these are not Christmas gifts. These should not have to be special treats on a wish list for the holiday season. These are very real industry expectations required for the physical and mental wellbeing of workers, and companies should strive to ensure that workers get these simple things to ensure they can maintain their productivity every day. If you don’t want to work at Christmas time, or any other special time you need off, then your employer should allow that to happen. Any project that can’t afford to spare most of its workers for a few days in December is a poorly managed project indeed.

But, in the spirit of something we really can give to others, our congratulations go out to Peter Byatt, one of our Facebook commenters, who said: “Whilst a break over christmas is hard to top, i would give a mini ipad to both miner and family so they can keep in touch via facetime, and not miss out on watching their kids and partners open their gifts on christmas day.”

Thanks Peter: you were first in with a good idea that is just as useful at home as it is on site. After all, what’s better than an iPad for Christmas? Two iPads! Your idea has landed you this fine scale model of a CAT 775G off-road truck. We expect full inspections and Take-5s before you take this baby out for a spin.

For anyone who still wants to get their hands on a fine scale model of your favourite mining equipment, you can talk to the helpful staff at staff at Quarry Diecast Models who very generously donated this prize.

Honourable mentions go out to J-Low on Disqus, who said: “I'd like to give all my brothers and sisters in the mining community the ability to identify hazards in the workplace, the diligence to remain fit for work, and the knowledge that we all have a million reasons to go home safely each night. Unfortunately, this cannot be purchased in a store.”

We really wanted to give you the prize for your selfless thought and superb turn of phrase, but unfortunately neither of those were stipulated as rules of the competition.

The staff favourite was undoubtedly Craig R’s Christmas wish: “I’d like to get a Xmas card from Anton”. Our own special Australian Mining Christmas wish is for Anton to change his Disqus handle back to Anton… Or accept climate science; either is fine.

Thankyou to all who entered! As a consolation prize, here's a picture of Clive Palmer next to a pterrodactyl. Captions are welcome!

From the Australian Mining editorial team to all of our readers and commenters, Merry Christmas!

Have a fun and safe one with those you love.

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