An on-site trial of a revolutionary mechanical bucket is yielding benefits for Cadia Valley Operations as well as its manufacturer, Keech Mining Supplies.

Keech Mining Supplies specialises in providing the mining industry with quality buckets, ground engaging tools, specialised equipment and after sales support.

The company has designed and manufactured a unique bucket for underground mine loaders – the Keech Mechanical Bucket (KMB) – to address the need for quick changeouts on mine sites to keep equipment working productively.

The KMB’s proprietary “hammerless” system has proven to dramatically reduce the time needed to replace edge wear systems, in turn reducing maintenance costs and increasing bucket availability for production.

One of the first to adopt the KMB was Newcrest’s Cadia Valley Operations in Orange, New South Wales.

Cadia purchased its first Keech Mechanical Bucket in mid 2011, and now has six buckets working on-site. Three lip fronts are kept for each bucket – one in use, one undergoing maintenance and one spare in the workshop ready to fit when needed.

For the past 18 months, Keech Mining Supplies and Cadia Valley Operations
have collaborated on improving the KMB and refining its features to suit the demands of hard rock mining. For instance, the shape of the casting has been modified and the introduction of Keech Gold steel has increased the amount of hours it can work before change out is required.

Operator hours are drastically reduced thanks to the unique KMB.

The KMB‘s exclusive design features a bucket manufactured in two sections. The front section is compatible with a range of mechanical or weld-on edge systems, and the back end offers a variety of capacities and protection systems.

Previous loader buckets used at Cadia, and on most other mine sites around the world, use weld-on lips which can take 24 to 36 hours to change out. Cadia’s maintenance staff have proven the KMB can be changed out in only three hours.

Keech works closely with its customers to ensure they gain the most from its products.

The local representative from Keech Mining Supplies keeps in close touch with Cadia’s maintenance team to ensure feedback
is quickly provided to Keech. Keech’s Sales Manager visits the site every three

to six months, and Cadia’s maintenance staff have visited Bendigo to inspect the Keech manufacturing operations and Innovation Centre where the KMB product developments are refined.

Less downtime means more productivity.

The KMB has been designed with the rigourous demands of Keech’s mining clients in mind. Time out means lost production on every mine site, so the unique properties of the Keech Mechanical Bucket are designed to cut maintenance time as much as possible so machinery keeps on working.

Less maintenance time also means mine staff are utilised in other areas of the business, again increasing productivity and reducing costs.

The KMB is revolutionising the way mine maintenance is carried out.

Keech designs, manufactures and sources the world’s best proven performers in mining buckets, lips, GET and wear components. Its system is proven, versatile and used in mines around the world.

Keech Mining Supplies looks forward to continuing its close relationship with KMB owners like Cadia Valley Operations, working cooperatively to refine productive tools for the mining industry.

To learn more about the Keech Mechanical
Bucket and our other productivity enhancing systems, email Brad Clark at, phone 0419 851 913 or build your own bucket at

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