AMMA calls for deregistering of unions

Resources employer group the Australian Mines and Metals Association has called on the Federal Government to consider deregistering the CFMEU and MUA.

It comes as the two groups continue their talks on a possible merger, with MUA national secretary Paddy Crumlin explaining, “This is a huge decision that hasn’t been taken lightly, but discussions to merge with the like-minded CFMEU will help us fight the ever-pervasive anti-worker and anti-union attacks on worker’s and their entitlements and job security.”  

According to the AMMA a series of strikes by the two groups “an attempt to coerce prosecutors into dropping charges against 101 construction employees being pursued over illegal strikes in Perth in 2013.”

“The threats must be scrutinised by the government and condemned by the leadership of the ALP and ACTU,” AMMA chief executive Steve Knott said.

“The threat from the CFMEU and the MUA is also the first sign of the damage that will be created by the planned amalgamation of the two unions.  

“Legal action against construction employees has nothing to do with the maritime industry or the employers and wider community that will be harmed by any MUA strikes in support of their law-breaking mates at the CFMEU.

“It is 2015, not the 1970s; if the militant minority of Australia’s trade union movement continually refuses to recognise this, they strengthen the case of those who argue that deregistration is the only way to end their calculated and contemptuous law breaking.”

The CFMEU were contacted for comment, but were unavailable at the time of publication.

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