ALS Industrial wins ConocoPhillips Doing Business Better award

Feature from left to right: Julian Van Der Kley (State Manager- QLD, NT & PNG), Khoa Dao (President of ConocoPhillips) and Cameron Rosenblatt (Operation and Contract Manager).

ALS Industrial has received ConocoPhillips’ 2020 Doing Business Better award for the Asia Pacific region, part of the latter’s 2020 Supplier Recognition Award Program.

Suppliers were recognised for their focus on execution and doing business better.

“At ALS Industrial, doing it better is one of our core value – central to how we approach every client and every problem,” ALS Industrial stated.

“We are extremely proud to announce that ALS Industrial is the winner of ConocoPhillips’ 2020 Doing Business Better award for the Asia Pacific region.

“The award is part of the Supplier Recognition Award program, which was developed in 2015 to recognize suppliers who have made a real impact on their business and to honor them for exhibiting exceptional leadership that celebrates our SPIRT values.

The Doing Business Better was awarded to ALS Industrial in recognition of its: “Innovative solution to execute non-intrusive inspections of pressure vessels via the use of robotic crawlers and the latest corrosion mapping technology to allow inspections to be completed non-intrusively, with increased efficiency and improved accuracy. At the same time, overall safety of the work is greatly enhanced without the need for scaffolding or rope access. The adoption of such innovative solution helps transform the way inspections of pressure vessels are done.”

Having worked with ConocoPhillips for a number of years, ALS stated that it was proud of its continued partnership and ongoing role in transforming inspections and enhancing safety.

“Special recognition goes to the Darrel Johnston, Cameron Rosenblatt and the Gladstone team – all have been an essential part of our success at ConocoPhillips,” ALS stated.

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