Alrosa uncover large diamond

Alrosa has found a large 214.65 carat diamond.

The stone was discovered in the Nyurbinskoye placer deposit, in Russia.

It comes a month after a slightly larger, 241 carat diamond was found by the company at the nearby Nyurbinskaya deposit.

The crystal measures 42.11 by 34.26 by 16.07 mm, and is translucent with a grey hue.

According to Alrosa, “Traces of dissolution–tetragonal cavities, etching channels and caverns–are observed on the surface.”

“The stone contains cracks filled with graphite and sulphide composition. The diamond is 4 Black Clivage/Makeable Grey.”

The site where the stones were discovered it understood to have reserves totalling around 13.5 million carats.


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