Ahrens strike gold with various works for Gruyere Mine

A trusted partner for Australian mining companies, Ahrens has completed valuable works for leading WA gold mine

The Gruyere Gold Mine, located 950 kilometres north-east of Perth, is one of the largest gold deposits in Australia, and is projected to produce up to 300,000 ounces of gold this year.

As a trusted partner to Australia’s leading resource companies, boasting a long and rich history of delivering quality mining projects and services across the nation, Ahrens’ various works for the mine has enabled them to continue unearthing success in their ventures.

Ahrens’ extensive portfolio of past mining services work includes everything from workshops and large storage facilities, to complex conveying systems, stockpile covers and switch rooms. With this unparalleled reputation, Ahrens’ Steel Solutions division was engaged by Gruyere Gold Mine to complete various works over the last few years.

With a presence in remote key mining regions, Ahrens is able to mobilise at short notice and meet tight deadlines through utilising their significant pool of in-house labour, trades, plant and equipment to meet the needs of their clients. This is the competitive advantage that made Ahrens the ideal partner for the Gruyere Gold Mine, enhanced by the fusion of capabilities brought on by Wheatbelt Steel, a part of the Ahrens family of brands.

A one-stop shop for mining clients through their experienced pool of in-house trades, Ahrens installed multiple steel clad buildings and a HME workshop to service the mine site, which also included the supply and installation of a five-tonne overhead crane in the plant workshop, and a 30-tonne gold vault in the Gold Room.

With their track record of success, the team were engaged once again to complete a two-bay engine hall extension and exhaust structure for the mine’s power station, which houses the engines to power the mine site and supporting an additional two gas engines, bringing the total number to seven.

Ahrens was able to provide a full scope of works, including structural steel supply and installation, cladding, the fabrication and supply of client-designed pipe supports and exhaust infrastructure, all while the gold mine was operational and engines were running in the hall.

The team was also able to provide a 133-tonne heavy vehicle workshop for the mine that featured 15 metre major bay centres with a 50 tonne overhead gantry crane rail spanning the distance between columns, calling for a truss column to be engineered to separate the shed structure from the crane structure.

Built for innovation and efficiency, Ahrens saw to it that the design and manufacture of the cast-in rail assembly, allowed for significant cost savings on-site with the placement of multiple rails in one assembly to very tight tolerances and cross falls.

Ahrens has a history of completing works at the Gruyere Gold Mine site, completed to high client satisfaction.

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