AGL grows crops with water from CSG wells

Gas company AGL reports it is successfully growing crops using blended water from coal seam gas wells outside of Gloucester in New South Wales.

Planting triticale and lucerne crops over winter, AGL has harvested a six hectare area and sold 130 silage bales of the livestock feed to local farmers in the region.

AGL overseer Andrew Lenehan explained the crop was grown using a blend of fresh water and water produced from CSG wells on the property, about 10 kilometres outside of Gloucester.

“All the farmers and industry who came to us to buy the triticale knew exactly how it was irrigated; not one had an issue with it and bought the feed in small and large quantities,” he said.

A recent dry spell in the Gloucester region drove demand for the livestock feed.

“While we started off selling it at the market price, as more farmers became desperate for feed due to the dry conditions the market value of the bales increased,” Lenehan said.

“However to help out the local community in a challenging time, we sold it at the original lower price.”

AGL said the trial employed local people in harvesting and transport efforts.


Storage dam holding produced water on the AGL property which Australian Mining visited earlier this year.


Livestock feed crop earlier this year on the Gloucester property.


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