Aggreko Remote Monitoring delivers efficiencies for miners

Remote monitoring technologies are an integral part of mining operations as companies pursue productivity improvements and aim to limit downtime.

The technologies are particularly valuable at power generation sites at mines and can deliver a multitude of benefits for companies when used effectively.

Aggreko, a provider and operator of power generation facilities at mine sites around the world, has developed remote monitoring capabilities to support mining companies.

The company’s clientele includes some of Australia’s leading mining companies. For example, Aggreko was awarded a contract to build and operate a 20MW power station at the $2.6 billion Amrun bauxite project in North Queensland earlier this year.

To strengthen the power demands at mining operations, Aggreko launched a next generation remote monitoring and dedicated technical support combination that helps companies lift productivity and reduce costly downtime.

The Aggreko Remote Monitoring (ARM) solution provides real-time monitoring and dedicated diagnostic support from technical experts, preventing issues, improving uptime and helping customers keep their operations running at maximum efficiency.

A key element of the ARM solution is the company’s Remote Operations Centre and technical support team.

The Aggreko team of technical experts works 24/7 and coordinates a rapid reply to ARM’s alarm notifications by evaluating crucial equipment data.

Aggreko AusPac managing director George Whyte said the system monitored thousands of critical equipment parameters, including operations, loads, run hours, fuel levels and GPS location.

“When equipment is outside certain parameters, alerts are sent to the Remote Operations Centre, enabling our team to diagnose and respond in an efficient manner,” Whyte said.

“Aggreko has the capabilities to either remotely fix the issue or assign a qualified technician to resolve the problem at site when it is required.

“This solution is ideal for mining companies as they pursue optimum efficiency at their operations.”

Staying mobile

An ARM mobile application is available for Aggreko customers, providing them with notifications when there are any critical equipment performance alarms and when an expert has been alerted of an issue.

With the ARM mobile application, Aggreko provides customers with visibility anytime, anywhere, covering their equipment’s performance conditions, and potentially saving unanticipated downtime and capital expenditure costs.

Centralised, real-time asset monitoring, the technical expertise of the Remote Operations Centre and the performance of Aggreko’s network of local service centres combine to offer customers a robust solution through ARM.

Whyte said this combination of services was helping companies spend more time focusing on their key task – mining.

“We understand that companies would much rather focus on mining their commodities, whether it is iron ore, coal or gold, than spending time keeping track of fuel levels, maintenance schedules and potential shutdowns,” Whyte said.

“ARM is specifically designed to ensure that a mining operation’s generators are running at maximum efficiency, with minimum risk of downtime.”

ARM is already found on most of Aggreko’s fleet of generators in the Australia-Pacific region, with plans rolling out to expand it further to the company’s cooling and heating equipment.

This article also appears in the September edition of Australian Mining.

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