Aggreko celebrates two years without a lost time injury

Aggreko - Doha Operations and Installations

Aggreko AusPac has celebrated achieving one million man-hours, or two years, without a lost time injury (LTI), highlighting the company’s focus on safety.

The achievement aligns with the company’s “Safety for Life” motto, with their commitment reflected through their safety systems, strategies, and processes.

“Safety governs every aspect of how we do business. I am very proud of our impressive achievement and extend my congratulations to the AusPac team for making this incredible milestone possible,” George Whyte, Aggreko AusPac managing director said.

Over the past eight months, more than 330 safety observations and interventions have been conducted on all of the company’s sites, with 54 management safety walks completed by their executive leadership team.

David Richards, who oversees the company’s Quality Health Safety Environment (QHSE) said their focus on decreasing exposure to health and safety risks, identifying and controlling hazards, and supporting the general health and wellbeing of their workers led to this milestone.

“It’s a team objective and one we wouldn’t have achieved, if not for the hard work and effort from all of our employees,” he said.

“It is the care that they display for one another that ensures everyone gets home without harm each and every day.”

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