Adani steps up recruitment for Carmichael project

Image: Adani.

Adani Mining will support job recruitment and contracting of local businesses by opening a new business centre in Rockhampton, Queensland.

Lucas Dow, chief executive officer of Adani, said the business centre would provide a base for major procurement and recruitment programs for the Carmichael project during the construction and operations phase.

“This gives us the opportunity to employ local Rockhampton people to run the business centre and work hand-in-hand with (the Rockhampton Regional Council’s) Advance Rockhampton team, who are so well-connected with the region and best placed to advise us on how to engage with local businesses and potential employees who want to join Adani in delivery of the Carmichael project,” Dow said.

The business centre will be used for training sessions, meet the buyer sessions, recruitment interviews and staff induction programs.

Rockhampton region mayor Margaret Strelow said the centre would give local job hunters opportunities to offer their services, giving them a permanent local connection to Adani.

“I have watched the difficulties that Adani have both endured and then triumphed over. My request to detractors is that they join us in wishing the company well and in celebrating the benefits of investing in our community,” Strelow said.

“I have never seen any other company treated as shabbily by some parts of government as Adani has been and it is important that Adani know that here in Rockhampton, we stand with them.”

People and businesses interested in working on the Carmichael project can register their interest online.

“Through our employment and supplier portals, people can also see Adani’s, our contractors’ jobs and work packages being advertised as we progress with delivery of the Carmichael project,” Dow said.

“We are keen to get as many Rockhampton workers and businesses on the project as possible and with work packages and jobs being updated on a weekly basis, now is the time to get involved.”

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