Adani sees another environmental legal challenge

The Environmental Defenders Office Queensland (EDO Qld) has filed a new challenge to Adani’s Carmicheal coal mine.

Carmichael reached an approval milestone last month after it received QLD government support and reached agreements with all landholders.

It came after a long series of stop-start battles in which the mine was approved, then rejected, based on its environmental and conservation plans.

The most recent halt to its operations came after the EDO filed a motion to stop work due to inconsistencies in its environmental protections for native fauna, namely the Yakka Skink and the Ornamental Snake, however Adani soon won the court battle.

Now the EDO has again challenged the lawfulness of the project, filing a motion on behalf of community group Coast and Country.

“On behalf of our community client, Land Services of Coast and Country, we have filed an application for judicial review of the decision to grant Adani Mining an Environmental Authority under the Environmental Protection Act 1994 (Qld) in the Queensland Supreme Court,” the EDO stated.

“Our client’s case is that the decision by the Queensland Environment Department to issue an Environmental Authority to Adani for the Carmichael mine was not in compliance with the law.”

It said the State Environmental Authority failed to comply with section five of the Environmental Protection Act.

“Section 5 of the EP Act places a mandatory duty on decision makers to best achieve the ecologically sustainable development purpose of the Act. This is vital because it ensures that Queensland’s environment is protected while allowing for development that improves total quality of life, both now and in the future, in a way that maintains the ecological processes on which life depends,” the EDO said.

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