Adani defends carbon emissions at Carmichael

Adani Australia has responded to environmental concerns regarding its Carmichael thermal coal mine project in the Galilee Basin in Queensland.

It was time to have a debate on facts rather than “fear mongering”, Adani said in a statement.

The Carmichael mine has a processing capacity of 10 million tonnes of thermal coal a year. This will produce around 240,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

“To put this in perspective, Queensland overall produces more than 95.7 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions each year,” Adani said.

“The Carmichael mine’s emissions will be less than 0.04 per cent of Australia’s emissions, and less than 0.0006 per cent of global emissions.”

“Denying other countries access to superior quality thermal coal like ours will not only disadvantage them environmentally, it will also mean that instead of jobs being created here in Queensland to mine our coal that those jobs will be exported to other countries at the expense of Queenslanders.

When the supply of Carmichael coal is denied to its primary export market of India, the gap will be filled by inferior products from other countries, producing a greater volume of greenhouse gas emissions, Adani said.

Adani criticised a private members’ bill introduced by the Greens Party proposing a ban on coal mining in the Galilee Basin earlier in March.

The Carmichael project has been marred by environmental protest regarding the its potential environmental impact, including concerns for local wildlife such as the rare black-throated finch, greenhouse gas emissions and water management.

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