Accident: coal worker hit by discharge hose

The Queensland Mines Inspectorate has released details over an accident where an underground electrician was hit by a loose discharge hose and sprayed with hydraulic fluid.

According to a Government safety alert the worker was checking for hose leaks when a pressure relief valve was unexpectedly operated.

The valve resulted in a release of energy that caused the unrestrained hose to strike the worker in the face and spray fluid.

"This is another in a series of incidents related to high pressure hydraulic fluids on longwalls," the inspectorate said.

"Controlling hazards from the use of high pressure hydraulic systems is essential."

"Poor design, including hose layout and hose retention design, were major contributing factors to this incident."

In handing down recommendations the inspectorate said all high pressure hoses needed to be restrained to prevent "unplanned movement and injury".

It also said miners working around hoses needed to be trained to recognise the hazards, and periodic audits needed to ensure hose design and retention.

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