Abbott keen on Olympic Dam expansion

Opposition leader Tony Abbott says he wants to do everything possible to keep BHP Billiton's massive Olympic Dam project on track.

AdelaideNow reports Abbott used uncertainty about the development to criticise the Gillard Government's mining and carbon tax, as well its industrial regulations law.

"I want to do everything I humanly can to help this expansion to go ahead by not having a carbon tax, not having a mining tax, and trying to ensure that we don't have bloated construction costs because of union militancy through the restoration of the Australian Building and Construction Commission," Abbott said.

BHP has previously hinted at uncertainty around the speed of development at Olympic Dam and some analysts have tipped delays on the project.

Earlier this month BHP also said it was looking at slowing down the development of its $20 billion Outer Harbour Development at Port Hedland.

Abbott said BHP was uncertain about Olympic Dam because it was concerned the mining tax may be extended to cover copper, gold, and uranium.

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