ABB digital application unveiled to boost mine productivity

ABB has launched the ABB Ability Operations Management System, which is designed to boost efficiency, productivity, and profitability through maximising the coordination between effective situations in the mine and weekly production plans.

This digital application has been developed to assist with real-time integration for working in open-pit and underground mines, allowing for shifts to action immediate corrective action.

The Ability Operations Management System is designed to improve the responsiveness to unplanned events and to decrease production variability through every mine stage. More specifically, it will allow mine operators to monitor and review their operational plans and performance based on its targets, metrics, and KPIs.

The ABB Ability Operations Management System is part of the ABB Ability MineOptimise portfolio of digitally connected products, services and solutions made to help modern mines improve visibility, reliability, productivity, energy efficiency and overall performance.

The app was created through a collaboration between Boliden AB and ArcelorMittal Mining Canada. Their goal with the system is to better connect real-time coordination between mine operators, workforce, equipment and all mining activities.

The respective project teams provided operational expertise, existing infrastructure and resources support.

“Although it may seem simple, the coordination between the tactical plan and the operational plan is one of the top challenges faced in modern mining,” said Eduardo Lima, ABB’s product manager for integrated mine operations.

“By offering advanced short-term planning and increased automation, ABB Ability Operations Management System enables the mine to act as an ore factory.”

Lima says ore inventory can be tracked and controlled to allow maximum flow and optimal grade.

“By integrating operational technology and information technology, operational awareness is increased for all personnel,” he adds.

“Staff see the same information at the same time and can jointly decide what actions to take in real time with no need to wait until the end of the shift.”

The release of the system follows ABB’s recent milestone with open-pit shovels.

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