A truck so easy to drive a hamster can do it, really! [VIDEO]

A hamster has managed to safely steer a 16.5 tonne Volvo FMX dump truck from the bottom of a quarry.

Yes you are reading that sentence correctly. The truck was being steered by a hamster chasing a carrot.

Filmed at the Los Tres Cunados quarry in Spain, the video marketing stunt was uploaded to Youtube last week and has already clocked up over 3.5 million views, mining.com reports.

"Today is the ultimate test of steering system," Volvo Trucks technician Jan-Inge Svensson said.

"You will see a hamster steering this truck from the bottom of the quarry to the top."

The video demonstrates Volvo’s new dynamic steering technology, billed to minimise muscle strain, allowing a driver to “literally steer the truck with one finger,” the company stated.

Grace Dickinson, the animal trainer, confirmed Charlie the hamster received the carrot in the end, saying “he ate it all”.



Fitting Charlie the hamster's cage.


Charlie pulls away and is off to a good start.


Coming a little close to the edge, Charlie manages to dislodge a boulder.


He quickly corrects the mishap, chasing the carrot to steer the truck back to safety.


Thanks to mining.com for the images.

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