A safer way to tackle taglines – Tag-Ex

Never position any part of your body under a suspended load.

-Rio Tinto’s Golden Rules

Never stand, walk or work under a suspended load.

-BHP Billiton’s Life Saving Rules

The high risk practices of cranage and rigging demand many controls such as; safety factors for engineering calculations, protective equipment for workers, and exclusion zones.

For the riggers and dogmen who work on the ground, they must get up close and personal with suspended loads, especially when it comes to taking hold of a tagline.

Frequently the only way to get close enough to a suspended load to get a hold of the tagline is to almost get under the load itself, a practice which is in direct contravention of the rules on any mine site in Australia.

This is especially so on BHP or Rio Tinto sites where a reported breach of this rule can result in an instant dismissal.

Riggers, however, are still expected to get the job done, and regularly risk their jobs and their lives to do so, as long as safety officers and supervisors are prepared to turn a blind eye.

It shouldn’t have to be this way.

A simple new invention, devised on site by a scaffolder in Western Australia, can reduce the risk associated with working near suspended loads and completely eliminate the hazard of getting too close in the effort to grab a tagline.

Tag-Ex, produced by Rising Fast and made right here in Australia, is a rigging safety aid that allows riggers to reach out for a tagline and take it without walking into the load shadow, or getting under the load.

It is an extension point for locating a tagline which can be permanently or temporarily attached to any load that has the potential to be lifted, making it an effective control measure to prevent workers from getting under the load.

The TAG-EX folds out into the deployed position from a stowed position to provide an attachment point for the tagline, one which sits at a much safer distance from the load when suspended, and allows the worker to freely grasp and handle the tagline while remaining outside the line of fire of falling objects and the suspended load.

Riggers can use it to control the load as a steering arm, helping to position the load when landing, manipulate the load in tight spaces, push and pull the load and all general handling of the load, while the worker remains at a safe distance from the suspended load, keeping the dogman or rigger safe from the more common rigging and material movement hazards like pinch points and crushes.

TAG-EX can be attached permanently to such items as lifting cages, stillages, gas bottle trolleys, generation equipment, man cages, sea containers, skip bins and many other types of lifted load.

The wide spread capabilities for TAG-EX across a range of industries including mining, construction and manufacturing is evidenced by its showcasing and distribution through trusted equipment supplier ATOM Supply.

The combination of permanent and removable components provides a unique versatility that made it an ideal addition to the range of products provided by Australia’s leading industrial supplier.

“We are quite excited to be promoting TAG-EX and delivering safer alternatives to deal with lifting and dropped object hazards” says ATOM sales rep Amit Fernandes.

TAG-EX is a one-of-a-kind safety device with no competitors on the market today, and it is now available from trusted equipment supplier ATOM Supply, stocking the best products in the Australian mining industry.

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