A safe and productive remote bogging solution from Sandvik

Improving productivity through the use of automated mining solutions is one way the sector is moving higher tonnages more safely and efficiently than ever before.

A new product on the market by the leader in mine automation is turning heads for its high safety standards and ease of installation and operation.

Sandvik’s AutoMine-Lite is a safe, easy-to-use automation product which boasts proven productivity improvement results.

The system consists of an ergonomically designed operator station with two screens, an integrated on-board automation package, a dedicated safety system consisting of light barriers, and a reliable sound, video and data communication system between the operator and the loader.

Safety is the standout of this system, with Sandvik the only supplier of automation equipment globally that has achieved compliance with the AS61508 standard for Functional Safety standards.

Another major advantage of AutoMine-Lite is that it is easy to install because each time the system is set up, the loader learns its automated tramming route the first time it drives between the load point and the dump point. This means loaders can be easily relocated from one production area to another, which gives mining operations the edge when it comes to mobility and flexibility.

Offering further efficiency gains, AutoMine-Lite also allows for the operation of multiple loaders at the same time, and the advanced automation system is flexible enough to be adapted from stoping to sub-level and massive block caving applications.

Despite being the most technologically advanced product on the market, ease of operation is standout of AutoMine-Lite, with the operator working in a comfortable environment controlling the LHD remotely and receiving extensive information from underground through the supervisory system.  

Compared with tele-remote systems, the semi-automated process of AutoMine-Lite also proves to be less tiring for operators.  Tele-remote operations are typically quite intensive and require high levels of concentration over long periods of time for the operator. AutoMine-Lite solves fatigue issues by removing the need to tele-operate the whole cycle.

In addition, due to AutoMine-Lite‘s real time diagnostics capability and analysis, unplanned downtimes are less frequent.  The system’s condition monitoring capacity allows for predictive maintenance operations meaning users can confidently push their loaders further without the fear of breakdowns.

To find out about the amazing results AutoMine-Lite achieved during an independent six month trial at Kidd Creek mine in Canada, CLICK HERE to download ‘Delivering the tonnes with a state of the art, user friendly remote bogging system’.

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