A new backing compound for gyratory and cone crushers offers improved user-friendliness, sustainability and strength

Replacing two existing products, a new and improved, low-odour crusher backing compound tackles many of the application’s big challenges head-on.

Crushers, used in a number of industries to break materials into smaller chunks, come up against enormous forces. Distributing these forces uniformly on a crusher’s main frame, by filling gaps between wear plates and a main frame, is essential for getting the most out of these expensive, important pieces of capital investment.

These are subject to incredibly high compression while doing their job, and engineers seek backing compound products that will add to service life through high volumetric coverage and compressive strength, filling the gaps between liners to protect cones’ mother plates.

Henkel’s LOCTITE PC 9020 Backing Compound is ideal for cone and gyratory crushers for mines, steel, and power plant facilities.

Available in a 10kg kit, the epoxy compound has high volumetric stability that eliminates the formation of gaps between backing and liners or support structures, which make it easy and safe to use. The product also offers high compressive strength and a hardness of 92, shore D scale and low odour formula with built-in user friendliness; not before seen in such compounds. It also boasts low water absorption.

Curing time is brief (only eight hours without accelerator) and shrinkage low (less than 2.5 per cent). The solution covers typical dry service temperatures of – 28 to 104 degrees Celsius.

In terms of user-friendliness, the compound is not considered HAZMAT for disposal purposes, answering the ever-present need for more sustainable solutions. It is also low odour, making it safer to work with. Furthermore, mixing is aided by an innovative colour-changing technology, with a blue colour providing confirmation of when the combination of adhesive components is complete.

The preparation of backing material is as easy as one two three: pre-mix the resin, approximately 1-2 minutes with a heavy duty handheld drill; then shake hardener, thoroughly mixing its contents; add hardener while mixing resin with a Jiffy mixer. There is no need for melting or other special equipment.

So fully comprehensively does the product complete its job, it replaces two other existing Nordbak products from Loctite – offering better compressive strength than any of these.

To find out more about the application benefits of the new LOCTITE PC 9020, call the technical hotline on 1300 885 556 or visit www.loctite.com.au/composite.htm  

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