A contracted fairytale

Civil and mining contractor CDE capital has claimed top honour in the Contract Miner of the Year category at the 5th Annual Australian Mining Prospect Awards. Jessica Darnbrough writes for Australian Mining.

CDE Capital has claimed victory in the 5th Annual Australian Mining Contract Miner of the Year Prospect Award.

According to the company’s managing director Robert Rusca, winning the award meant much more than taking home the trophy.

“The award has given CDE Capital added credibility and strength for ongoing contract tenders and positive exposure within the mining and civil earthworks industry,” Rusca said.

“The award also proves to those who haven’t used us before that the company can provide an on-time service to mining and civil earthmoving clients without compromising our commitment to indigenous employee opportunities.”

According to Rusca, the company respects the cultural and family responsibilities of all employees and ensures that they have the flexibility to enable them to meet their obligations.

CDE Capital provides meaningful training and employment opportunities for those in the local community.

On some projects, CDE Capital has recruited up to 50% of the workforce from the local community. Around 80% of the permanent workforce is Aboriginal.

A winning contract

More recently, CDE capital landed the largest contract awarded to an Indigenous contract company.

The company was awarded a mining contract at Atlas Iron’s Pardoo project, located 75 Km east of Port Hedland in Western Australia’s Pilbara region.

The contract scope covers the drill and blast, excavation and haulage of ore and waste at the Pardoo minesite over four years.

The northern Territory based mining contractor adds the Atlas work to its mining contracts at Tanami Gold’s Coyote mine; civil works and mining equipment hire at Copper Co’s Lady Annie mine; and plant labour hire at Xstrata’s Macarthur River mine.

CDE won a competitive tender process managed by Atlas and run by the mining industry contract specialists INTECH.

Rusca told Australian Mining that clients are looking for a high standard of professionalism and safety from their contractor.

“CDE Capital brings a positive approach to the indigenous component of contracts for both our company and its clients,” he said.

One of the key approaches the company takes to its contracts is to foster growth in the local Indigenous communities.

“If there’s no ability to generate Indigenous enterprise and Indigenous employment and training then we’d rather not do it,” Rusca said.

The fact that most mining contracts are long-term contracts has helped the company fulfil its enterprise growth goal.

“We’re a mining contractor,” he said.

“But a key focus inside our business is business development for Indigenous people. We’ve been doing this for 20 years.”

CDE will even invest in equipment to help get local Indigenous business off the ground.

It maintains an involvement with these companies to help guide them and ensure the terms of its contracts are met.

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