9000 jobs canned under mining taxes: NPA MP

Queensland MP George Christensen has blamed the closure of coal mines, axed projects and job cuts on mining taxes.

With the announcement yesterday that BHP Billiton plan to shelve another two coal mining projects, Christensen has pointed the finger directly at mining taxes.

Listing seven Queensland projects worth billions of dollars which have been abandoned and the loss or non-creation of 9000 jobs, the MP says that it has all been bad news since the tax was introduced 81 days ago, 4-Traders reported.

"Economic opportunities are being squandered because incentives are being taken away from industry and companies are being penalised for operating in Australia or daring to make a profit," he said.

"Our competitor countries around the world do not face the same obstacles that the Gillard government is harnessing companies with here, especially the mining tax and the carbon tax.

"These taxes have been choking our golden goose for 81 days and we will be paying the price in years to come when those industries are just not there."

Christensen’s comments come after major companies have also spoken out about the taxes imposed by Queensland’s new Liberal Government. BHP Billiton’s chairman Jac Nasser attacked the rise calling it “unbelievable," "disappointing," and "counter-productive".

Rio Tinto has also blamed the hike on job losses. A spokesperson for the company last week highlighted the issue facing the mining giant.

"We are working to improve our competitiveness by actively seeking ways to reduce costs across our business, which unfortunately means some roles will no longer be required.”

Projects which have been axed or are on hold include:

  • BMA to close Gregory mine, near Emerald – 300 jobs
  • BMA closes Norwich Park mine
  • Xstrata coal to shed jobs across Queensland – 600 jobs
  • Rio Tinto to close Blair Athol mine- 170 jobs
  • Rio Tinto cuts work force at Clermont mine
  • Rio Tinto cuts workers at Kestrel mine
  • Rio Tinto to shed jobs at Boyne aluminium smelter – 90 jobs
  • Peabody Energy shelves plans at Codrilla, near Nebo – jobs foregone
  • BHP shelves Peak Downs expansion plans, near Moranbah – 350 jobs
  • BHP to shelve Red Hill mine, near Moranbah – 2000 construction jobs, 1500 permanent jobs
  • BHP shelves Saraji East mine plans, near Dysart – 2500 construction jobs, 1400 permanent jobs

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