$42 million bullying claim dismissed

A worker seeking $42 million in damages from Woodside Petroleum has had his case dismissed in the Federal Court.

Hassan Zaghloul worked as a senior engineer at the company until March last year.

After losing his job, Zaghloul sought to sue the company, claiming he had been the victim of workplace bullying for over two years, The West Australian reported.

Damages Zaghloul sought included $70,000 for tobacco to help with anxiety, and $3000 a month for a driver and a housemaid.

 He also wanted $250,000 in case of future open heart surgery, and $164,000 for costs of alternative medicine treatments.

Zaghloul alleges more than 10 Woodside employees were involved in over 40 separate bullying incidents.

However Justice John Gilmour ruled against the claim.

"The defence filed by the respondent (Woodside) denies each and every allegation of bullying or improper conduct made by the applicant (and) submits that the application is misconceived. I accept this submission,” Gilmour said.

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