34 Chinese officials reprimanded for mine accident

Thirty-four local government officials have faced punishment in the Sichuan Province of southwest China in relation to a lethal mine accident and an illegal mine.

The officials were from the cities of Luzhou and Leshan, Zee News reported.

Twenty-nine officials faced punishment for a gas explosion in Taozigou coal mine in Luxian County, Luzhou City, Xinhua news agency said.

Among them are mayor of Luzhou City Liu Qiang, and deputy mayor Zhang Xianfu, who were both given warnings.

Deputy Director of the city’s financing office Ma Teng and deputy head of the Luxian county government Pu Tao were sacked.

The explosion claimed 28 lives on May 11.

The Chinese media had reported 81 miners were rescued from the explosion at the Taozigou mine, and 16 were taken to hospital with injuries.

The accident followed a separate explosion at a mine in the Guizhou Province, which killed a further 12 workers.

The explosion is one among many and adds to China's poor mining safety record. Coal mine accidents claimed 1,384 people last year.

A gas blast at the Machang coal mine killed 21 people in March, with 58 workers getting to the surface safely.

Illegal operation of the Dabao coal mine in the Ebian Yi Autonomous County, Leshan City led to sackings or disciplinary actions of five officials.

The mine had violated orders from the provincial government for all mines to stop production for risk analysis in early June.

The head of the Ebian Yi autonomous county government was also suspended from work. The deputy head of the county government and head of the county’s work safety administration were also sacked.

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