3,000 workers chant ‘Gina Rinehart’s full of sh*t’

Over 3,000 workers marched on WA Parliament and Hancock Prospecting's Perth office yesterday protesting the use of foreign labour and chanting 'Gina Rinehart's full of sh*t'.

Led by the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union and the Maritime Union of Australia, the protest targeted enterprise migration agreements and Rinehart's move to bring 1,700 skilled migrants to the Roy Hill mine in the Pilbara.

CFMEU mining division secretary Gary Woods told protestors mining companies needed to do more to train local workers before looking to skilled migration.

"The likes of Gina Rinehart have got to spend some money to train these people," he said.

CFMEU national secretary Michael O'Connor also told the protest mining companies should not be hiring foreign talent when so many manufacturing workers were without a job.

Backing up the CFMEU, MUA WA secretary Chris Cain said if miners wanted the privilege of using Australia's resources they had to utilise local workers.

"If you want to work in our country, you are going to pick our labour," he said.


Image: AAP Tony McDonough

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