3 massive hydraulic shovels [pictures]

While haul trucks are impressive machines, the hydraulic shovels that load them are just as massive.

We've put together three images of some of the largest you can find.

This first one's an oldie but a goodie. The Terex O&K RH400 is powered by two 16 cylinder Cummins engines. In order to start up the motors it's equipped with six 24V car batteries. The total payload is 85,729kg.

Image: Mining-Power

Another hard worker is the 12 cylinder turbocharged Komatsu PC2000. This one's stretched out and reaching for the skies.

Image: Demag

It's big brother, the Komatsu PC8000 is powered by two 16 cylinder engines like the Terex, which combine for a total 3,000kW of horsepower.

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