100 Hastings Deering jobs to go from Mackay

With around 400 jobs set to be slashed from engineering and maintenance
firm Hastings Deering, the company remains tight-lipped on when and where these
losses will be.

contacted Hastings Deering to confirm the expected numbers, and to
find out where these redundancies will occur, and whether they will be
voluntary or forced.

However, Hastings Deering has failed to provide any further details than
in approximately 400 redundancies will occur.

“Hastings Deering has implemented a series of efficiency and
productivity initiatives over the past 12 months in an effort to streamline its
cost base, but these measures alone have not been sufficient in view of
continuing challenging market conditions,” a company statement said.

The Daily Mercury has reported that around 100 positions will be lost
in Mackay from their field services and equipment management groups, where two
of the company’s largest clients are Rio Tinto and BMA.

The Morning Bulletin said around 65 jobs will be lost in the Rockhampton area.

Hastings Deering employs around 2500 people around Queensland, and distributes
and maintains Caterpillar equipment for the mining and other industrial

The impending cuts represent a 16 per cent drop in manpower for the Queensland
engineering company.

Mackay Resource Industry Group general
manager Julie Boyd said news of the redundancies was very concerning, given the
company already cut 200 jobs from Mackay and Rockhapton 12 months ago.

numbers that are coming out of Mackay, I’m not too sure about at this stage,
but it is certainly a concern and a worry for the future opportunities of the
region,” she told the Daily Mercury.

have been rumours around about some of the things people have been doing to try
and keep staff but it obviously gets to a point where … they just need to cut
staff to survive,” she said.

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