​Terex develops new heavy duty screener

Terex has developed a new tracked heavy duty mobile screener, the Terex Finlay 873.

The machine is designed as a frontline screener, and can work after a primary crusher or on its own.

Its forward facing inclined modular configuration screenbox has been designed with a 3.66 metre by 1.52 metre top deck and bottom deck, giving an overall screening area of 14.4 square meters.

An inbuilt hydraulic adjustment can be used to vary the screenbox angle between 13 and 19 degrees, depending on the application.

The 873 can be fitted with a number of different screening media depending on the job, such as tines, bofor bars, punched plates, and mesh.

The bottom deck can also be fitted with mesh or cascade fingers.

Its banana profile allows for maximum screening of fines,

Terex’s new machine has a 1.2 metre wide belt feeder, while hopper measures seven cubic metres as standard, with a drop rear door to aid its use with a crusher.

It is constructed with three hydraulic folding discharge conveyors that can be raised up to half a metre for higher stockpiling capacity and faster set-up times.

Its oversize conveyor can also be hydraulically adjusted from between 18 and 24 degrees.

The machine also has galvanised access ladders and catwalks on both sides of the screenbox.

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