​Redpath develop new raisedrill carrier

Redpath have created a new raisedrill carrier, Redtrax, to move raisebores and other materials around the site.
The new machine “frees previously required mine equipment such as telehandlers, forklifts, and LHDs that were required, allowing them to perform other duties simultaneously elsewhere are the mine site,” Redpath stated.
The diesel driven machine has a low profile, as well as low emissions and noise levels.
“Redtrax is compatible with sand, mud, and water, both on surface and underground,” the company said.
“Its high load bearing capacity makes swift work of transporting a variety of raisedrills, and while designed to host the Redbore 30, 40, 50, and 70 raisedrills, it can accommodate most drills on the market.”
Carousels are being designed to increase the machine’s versatility to include the transport of rods, stabilisers, powerpacks, and other materials.
The carrier is also remote controllable, or available with an umbilical cord.
Safety features on it include an ergonomic body harness for the operator, brake systems, fire suppression systems, tilt switches, shutdown, directional lighting, backup alarms, and optional track insets to accommodate concrete surfaces.
Eight units are already being shipped this year with additional units planned for next year.

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