​New mine rescue manual launched

Mines Rescue has released a new manual dubbed Mines Rescue, Gas Detection and Emergency Preparedness.

The new manual expands upon the latest manual, released nearly two decades ago, called A manual on Mines Rescue, Safety and Gas Detection which was a compilation of years of experiences from workers around the mining industry.

According to Coal Services, this new Australian safety book “is now the most comprehensive mine emergency manual available internationally”.

The manual covers issues such as mining emergency management; rescue equipment; firefighting; mine gases; gas detection, analysis and interpretation; self-escape; aided escape and rescue systems; spon com, explosions, and outbursts, the effect of heat and humidity on rescuers; ‘inertisation’, and sealing.

Speaking on the book’s release, Mines Rescue regulation and compliance general manager Paul Healy said “over time the fundamental physics and chemistry of mine fires and explosions haven’t changed, but technology is changing at a rapid pace; [so] it was time again to revise the manual”.

NSW Minerals Council CEO Stephen Galilee welcomed the new booklet.

“This will make mines safer, particularly underground mines, by giving all supervisors a convenient and comprehensive manual on rescue, first aid, mines fires, and explosions,” Galilee said.

“This manual will also be a valuable resource for new mining students,” he added.

Orders can be placed via the Mines Rescue website.

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