​New concrete sprayer released

Normet has released its new concrete sprayer, the Spraymec 5070 VC.

According to the company the machine has been designed with Tier 4 Final (Stage IV) engine for cleaner operation.

The Spraymec 5070 VC is designed for medium capacity spraying works and it can be seen as a “little brother” of Spraymec 8100 VC as it uses the same high performance carrier but comes with somewhat lower capacity spraying features as the “big brother”, Normet said.

New features include the new spraying boom SB307 providing reach in tunnel profiles up to seven metres, with a maximum virtual spraying reach of eight metres and a horizontal reach of 16 metres.

 The boom is equipped with self-lubricating slide pieces and roller to minimise wear and tear, while all the boom movements are pressure compensated and have proportional functions allowing operator to create smooth and homogeneous tunnel lining structure.

The sprayer uses a low pulsation concrete spraying pump (the NSP30) with a theoretical concrete output 28 cubic metres per hour and FAD 10 m3 / min / 7bar screw –type compressor for medium capacity spraying works.

Normet’s nozzleman’s interface is available for the Spraymec 5070 as standard, with the potential for remote control operation.

Highly accurate accelerator dosing system either with mono-type screw pump or optional low-pulsation Normet LPP-D peristaltic pump is synchronised automatically with concrete output
Norsmart control system can log all spraying process and carrier data such as concrete and accelerator volume, dosing percentage, pumping speed, change of process parameters, engine and compressor hours, hydraulic oil system pressure and temperatures.

The NorSmart system also provides full fault diagnostics.

The recorded data can be delivered to supervisory checks via USB drive or machine data can be sent out to an external server via WLAN and GPRS.

The available engine options for the Spraymec are Tier 3 (Deutz) and Tier 4 Final (Cummins).

The Tier 4 Final technology utilises SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) and DEF/Ad-Blue (Diesel Exhaust Fuel) urea technology for exhaust after treatment.

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