​Mining board game developed

A board game where players take the role of a pioneer in the US’ first mining boom in the 1840s has been created.

With the tagline ‘Life, Work, Profit, Death’, the game is set in Michigan’s upper peninsula (also known as copper country) players work as a mining company and compete for copper deposits and try to wrest control of areas from other players.

“As the industry grows, so do the communities surrounding your mines. But every attempt to wrest copper from the ground hangs the fortunes of your company, and the lives of your miners, in the balance,” game developer CMX Games states.

Designed for two to four players, gamers “hire miners and build company, shaft and hoist houses to explore, expand; work mine sites, balancing risk and reward as your push your luck into the production deck to produce copper, bring down rock, or mitigate disaster by spending your resources, sacrificing your miners, or both,” CMX said.

The project was funded on Kickstarter, with the developers aiming to raise US$31,200 and backers nearly doubling that amount, eventually pledging US$54,581 for its development.

The game designers were born in Michigan’s copper region, with one designer’s father having spent three decades teaching about the region’s history.

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