​Massive 232 carat white diamond uncovered

A 232.08 carat white diamond worth $22 million has been uncovered.

Petra Diamonds found the massive stone at its Cullinan mine in South Africa.

According to the miner the stone is a D colour type II diamond, and “is of exceptional size and clarity, and is a magnificent example of the large, high quality diamonds for which the mine is known”.

Analysts have valued this stone at anywhere between US$10 million to US$20 million.

The mine itself is known for its large and high quality diamonds, having produced the largest ever rough diamond found – the Cullinan diamond – which was recorded as 3106 carats.

Earlier this year the operation produced a 29.6 carat diamond that sold for US$25.6 million, and a 122.5 carat diamond, which is currently on sale, while it recovered a 507 carat diamond in 2009 that was sold for US$35.5 million.

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