​Last LNG module arrives on Curtis Island

The last module for all of the Curtis Island LNG plants has now arrived.

The piece, which is for APLNG's plant, is one of 260 that have been delivered to the site.

ConocoPhillips project manager, APLNG, Kent Anderson, stated: "We are very pleased to pass this milestone as we continue steady progress to the first LNG export in mid 2015."

The modules have been constructed on the island by Bechtel for QCLNG, Santos LNG, and Australia Pacific LNG.

Santos’s final module arrived on the island in September, with it being fully constructed early last month.

The Santos GLNG consists of 111 modules, Queensland Curtis LNG has 80, and Australia Pacific LNG has 69.

The tallest module measures more than 30.5 meters and the longest more than 77 meters.

The combined weight of the steel structures is approximate to that of 12 Eiffel Towers.

The modular pieces were built by Bechtel overseas and then shipped to Australia, with the final one delivered this week.

“This is an incredible accomplishment and vital to keeping these projects on track,” Alasdair Cathcart, site contractor Bechtel’s general manager of LNG, said.

“The construction and transport of the modules—including one weighing six times more than an A380 airliner—were among the most complex challenges of the projects. Their successful delivery is a result of collaboration with our customers and the dedication of the teams at each location.”

The delivery of the module coincides with QGC opening a new micro-LNG plant in Queensland.

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