​Honeywell User Group conference kicks off

The Honeywell User Group has begun today, showcasing the company’s latest developments in processing technology and equipment.

The event, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, has been used a platform to launch a number of new pieces of technology.

It also used the event to explore the current economic state of Australia’s industries, focusing on the slowed mining industry and burgeoning energy industry.

Challenges affecting the market were explored during the first day, with operational efficiency and productivity discussed.

Its Experion Orion console was one of the major focuses for the first day.

The console features an improved ergonomic design and better displays to simplify control system management, reduce operator fatigue and improve situational awareness.

The Console’s design was based on operator inputs gleaned from visits to plant control rooms in both newer and older plants. The design and capabilities are the result of behaviour observations, as well as insights collected in multiple phases at plants, including process startups and during periods of abnormal operations.

Oil and gas is also in focus, with six digital suites launched for the industry that provide support and productivity measures from the wellhead through to the processing plant.

A specialised Experion SCADA console, which focuses on the oil and gas industry, was also demonstrated during the first day.

Honeywell took the day to demonstrate a range of its products to users, ranging from new cyber security developments, test and measurement equipment, safety monitoring equipment, and new process control equipment.

The company is also holding technology sessions over two days focusing on training, safety, and productivity.


Australian Mining attended the event as a guest of Honeywell,


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