​Hastings Deering to cut 100 jobs

Hastings Deering will cut 100 jobs at the mining industry slowdown continues.

The company has announced the reduction in its workforce at its Central and South-East Queensland operations, according to the Daily Mercury.

The announcement is little surprise for workers, with a potential staff cut posited in March.

The company made comments of future job losses after it was unable to usher in a new employment agreement after 12 months of negotiations with workers, a situation coupled with a weakened market.

Now it has carried out the forecast reduction.

"Hastings Deering will reduce its workforce by approximately 100 roles and consultation has started with employees, contractors and their representatives," Hastings Deering managing director Dean Mehmet said following the most recent round of cuts.

We think about the impact on every single person and we do everything we can to keep as many people as possible employed at Hastings Deering."

However “many of our customers are running leaner operations and have asked us to re-tender for work, in every case, at significantly reduced prices," he said.

"It has never been more critical to meet the market head on and remain a secure, sustainable and competitive operation.”

The company has already let go around 700 workers in Queensland over the past two years.

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