​Chances high for cyclone to hit the Pilbara

A tropical low forming off Indonesia is likely to form a cyclone that will hit the Pilbara.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology “conditions are very favourable from Wednesday onwards and it is likely that a tropical cyclone will have formed by late Wednesday or during Thursday”.

It put the likelihood of a cyclone at more than 50 per cent from Wednesday onwards.

“This system is likely to pose a threat to coastal communities later in the week or over the weekend,” BoM stated.

It predicts the as yet unnamed cyclone will hit in the Pilbara and make its way inland.

It has also forecast gale force winds along the coast.

A cyclone has also been forecast for Far North Queensland, with another tropical low forming 650kms northeast of Cairns.

The low is predicted to possibly become a cyclone by Thursday, although there is currently uncertainty about its progression beyond Friday.

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