​Caterpillar launches more efficient wheel dozer

Cat has launched its new 824K wheel dozer with increased durability.

The manufacturer states that the new wheel dozer builds on its predecessors, with refinements in its power train, operator cab, structure, and safety features.

The machine has a net power rating of 302kW and operating weight of 34 tonnes, and is available with six blade configurations ranging in capacity from 5 to 16.2 cubic metres.

Its Cat C15 ACERT engine comes with an electronically controlled fuel delivery system, engine idle shutdown systems to converse fuel by limiting idle time, and a delayed shutdown feature.

The engine provides a max travel speed of 35 kilometres per hour.

Drive train efficiency has been enhanced with a lock up clutch in the Cat torque convertor, which reduces train power losses and system overheating.

An electronically controlled 4F/4R Cat power shift transmission increases drive train efficiency, and can be set by the operator to automatically upshift or downshift based on machine speed.

In addition single clutch speed shifting control s allows the wheeled dozer to carry momentum through range shifts for increased productivity.

“Both operating efficiency and operator convenience get a boost with the left foot pedal, which serves as an engine decelerator, transmission neutraliser and brake, depending on the degree of application,” Cat said.

“As a decelerator, the left pedal allows the operator to temporarily reduce engine speed by overriding the throttle lock setting when manoeuvring around obstacles.”

A new larger fuel tank also provides a minimum 12 hours operation, depending on the application, while an optional tyre pressure monitoring system provides real time information to the operator in the cab, ensuring proper inflation levels.

The Steering and Transmission Integrated Control (STIC) system allows for single-lever steering and transmission control, with simple side to side movements providing up to 43 degrees of steering articulation in both direction whilst buttons on the lever provide fingertip control of directional and range shifting.

Safety and comfort have been two major factors in the redesign of the operator’s cabin, with a lighted, shallow angle stairway for entering and exiting the cab, and the STIC armrest able to fold away for added room during ingress and egress.

The Cat Comfort Series air-suspension seat features extra thick cushions and moves both the attached electro-hydraulic STIC control pod and electro-hydraulic implement control pod when adjusted.

The cab, isolation-mounted to the frame, is pressurised with filtered air and the selected temperature is maintained automatically.

The control panel uses large, backlit switches with LED indicators, and a simple two-position rocker switch controls the parking brake.

An optional rearview camera with in-cab monitor increases operator awareness.

Maintainability has also been key, with maintenance points grouped and accessible from ground level or non-skid walkways protected with handrails.

Swing-out doors on both sides of the engine compartment provide easy access to daily service checks, and ecology drains simplify service and help prevent spills. In addition, a ground level power service centre has electrical disconnect, emergency engine shutdown and stairway light switches.

The Cat VIMS 3F program is integrated into its design to keep operators informed about machine operating conditions.

The Cat Product Link system provides event and diagnostic codes as well as data such as operating hours, fuel level, and idle time.

Regarding the dozer itself, it features a full box-section rear frame designed to resist twisting forces and shock loads encountered in heavy dozing.

Steering cylinder mounts are designed to effectively dissipate steering loads into the frame, and axle mounts are heavy-duty components that contribute to the overall structural integrity.

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